MealsOnDisk Version 3 has been released

DSS Data Exchange (DEX) reporting, automatic updates over the internet, improved reports, support for the latest versions of Windows, and use of other new technology. That’s just a few of the great improvements in MealsOnDisk Version 3. All current MealsOnDisk users are encouraged to upgrade to Version 3 so they can upload to Data Exchange (DEX) automatically. There are some costs in moving to Version 3 but we have kept them to a minimum. This includes us accessing your system remotely to do the one-time upgrade (because it is a bit tricky sometimes). Please contact us for details.

Once you are on MealsOnDisk Version 3, the software will check for updates every time it starts up. If there are updates available, the software will offer to download them for you from our website. So, there will be no more links here to update MealsOnDisk, because its all automatic now.

If you haven’t tried MealsOnDisk yet, you can download it for evaluation.

Recent Changes

Version 3.8
Better support for MDS OASIS file in Queensland
Display summary details of DEX data uploaded
Client Find window can now remain open when updating clients
Improved Client Find for better matching of DEX Client ID
Fixed error when DEX Case not found
Provide option to make changes to the client if there are DEX errors
Improved instructions for DEX reporting
Improvements to DEX reporting to ensure all delivery data is uploaded
Version 3.7
Full support for DEX Upload
Added Volunteer Security Check report
Support for cloud database (SQL Azure)
Version 3.6
Fixed reporting error with weekend deliveries
Version 3.5
Added DEX connection test
Version 3.4
Initial support for Data Exchange (DEX)
Version 3.3
Allow manual entry of client meal numbers
Version 3.2
MDS reporting option to include/exclude Aged Clients
Version 3.1
Fixed several minor defects
Version 3.0
Migration to new database technology (SQL 2012)
Automatic updates over the internet


MealsOnDisk v2.40 is still available.

For those of you still on Version 2, you can still get the updates to your version in the meantime.

This version makes remote support sessions much simpler to set up. You should be able to start a remote support session in less than a minute by clicking on the menu option within MealsOnDisk. It also increases the default timeout for backup/restore and batch processing transactions, which is helpful for services with larger databases.

As always, the new version includes all changes introduced in previous versions. Detailed information on the changes in recent versions are available from the links below.

User Guide

You will then be prompted to choose a folder where the file will be saved. Select the following folder C:\Program Files\CommunityTech\MealsOnDisk or the folder you selected for installation of MealsOnDisk. You should be prompted as to whether you want to overwrite the existing file. Choose “Yes”. If you are not prompted, you have not saved the file in the correct location.

It is recommended that you do NOT save the new version of MealsOnDisk to the Desktop.

When the download has completed, you can run MealsOnDisk from the Start Menu or the desktop shortcut, as usual. The database will automatically be backed up and then updated the first time the new version is run. Please contact us if you have difficulties with this update.

If you want to confirm that you are running the new version, start MealsOnDisk and select Help->About from the menu. The new version number shown should be 2.40.5802.7451.